fairy tail

Once apon a time there was a duck… can “YOU” finish the story?

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be as you wish to seem! (socrates)

Be as you wish to seem! (Socrates). I wonder if there is another deep meaning behind these wordes or if its just that simple? Socrates is supposed to be this really smart old dead guy so it seems reasonable that their is some kind of hidden meaning. I, however, believe that he was smart enough to mean exactly what he said. Its so hard for people to live by those simple words bacause people want to hide the things they are embarrassed or ashamed of or they just dont feel like letting out the saddness. I think thats why Socrates said this. He probably figured someone had to say it so that people could have a reason to not be fake! I mean hey if a smart old dead guy said it it must be a good thing to live by! Then again I could be wrong!!!!!

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